Grow Light, Grow Lights, Grow Lighting – 420

GGrow Light, Grow Lights, Grow Lighting – 420

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Grow Light, Grow Lights, Grow Lighting - 420

Carlos Sativa Grow More Trichomes with Plasma – Final

Well we didn’t make it out of the garden before 420 but hey it’s bowl 30 anyways around here before having to get back in there! Hey it’s almost 420 in Hawaii, so aloha!
We are a bit late on getting these out here but our photographer was down and out, but Carlos manged to get us these fine shots!

Here’s a bit more from our test with the Plasma Grow Lighting from Chameleon!
These nugs where awesomely frosty and the Pineapple fields from Dynasty Genetics is a dream to shoot under any lighting but we did some macro’s of both plants under the awesome spectrum and wow what color!

The Plasma grown plants are clearly more colorful, sticky and thicker!

And the yield shows how thick and full they where! At only one month veg-time the HID’s coming in at 87 grams even and the plasma’s coming in at 130.3 grams and is about what the manufacturer say’s it will do for gain in yield, actually it’s a touch more than the 30% boasted by chameleon so it seams they where not kidding when they said their balanced spectrum would put out more per watt!

This fine dank pineapple fields can be found at Dynasty Seeds and was grown in Malibu Compost, only the best for this chronic! It was amended by REMO Nutrients and fortified by Microbe Life Hydro!
Stay lifted out there and enjoy the spring weather!

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Grow Light, Grow Lights, Grow Lighting – 420

Light as Nutrition
Light as nutrition has been long overlooked as there have not been sufficient choices with reasonable spectral light distribution within PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) until Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting was introduced.

Watt-for-watt, Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting is capable of outperforming legacy grow lighting for less operating costs. It provides a more organic spectrum similar to natural sunlight, producing more aesthetically appealing plants with higher percentages of chlorophyll (and cannabinoids in medicinal plants) allowing growers to offer fresh local products year round.

Grow Light, Grow Lights, Grow Lighting – 420

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Cannabis Grow Lights - Marijuana Grow Lighting
  • Spectrum
  • Coverage
  • No Lamp Changes
  • Less Heat
  • Longer Lifespan
  • More Yield (per watt)
  • More Medicinal Content


Best Grow Light – Plasma 500w = More Yield, Terpenes, Chlorophyll & Cannabinoids than HPS, MH, LED, T5 – Grow Light, Grow Lights, Grow Lighting

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